NYC Civil Court

The Civil Court of the City of New York decides lawsuits involving claims for damages up to $25,000 and includes a small claims part (small claims court) for cases involving amounts up to $5,000 as well as a housing part/court for landlord-tenant matters, and also handles other civil matters referred by the New York Supreme Court. It handles about 25% of all the New York state and local courts’ total filings. The court has divisions by county/borough, and In each division there are a number of court parts established by the Chief Administrative Judge, a position held by Judge Lawrence K. Marks since 2015.

Judges of the Civil Court are elected and serve terms of 10 years. There are 120 Civil Court Judges, of which approximately 50 sit in the Civil Court. The rest of the judges elected to the Civil Court sit in various other courts, including Criminal Court and Family Court. Many judges sit as Acting Supreme Court Justices. A judge elected in one county may also be assigned to sit in another county.

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