About NYCP

Founded in January 2019, New York County Politics cover the elected officials and government that serve the 1.6 million residents of Manhattan, including the office of borough president and district attorney as well as 3 congressional districts, 12 assembly districts and 10 city council districts. We cover government as it pertains to Manhattan – be it education, development, business, social services or the arts. Content is curated, aggregated and original. Posts go up daily as written, Monday through Friday and distributed through social media, a growing subscription base and an interactive website. 


William Engel  |  Editor

William Engel is a New York-based writer and journalist who has lived in the city his entire life. Since he began his career, he has written at length about a variety of subjects, including disabled advocacy and restorative justice.

Stephen Witt  |  Founder/Publisher

Stephen Witt has covered every neighborhood in the borough, first as a staff reporter for ten years with Courier-Life/News Corp, and as the news editor/reporter for five years covering Central Brooklyn for Our Time Press. He has also written about the borough for City & State, The Village Voice and City Limits among other media outlets. He is the recipient of the 2005 New York Press Association’s “News Story of the Year” for a piece written about group homes in Gravesend.